The Talks

'Two Kinds of Teardrops'

the Roy Orbison & Del Shannon story

including excerpts from their many hits

Drawing on his past experience as a qualified teacher, Mike has combined his considerable lecturing skills with his varied and extensive knowledge of the music industry – to produce an absorbing talk which is wholly unique in its genre.

Skilfully adapted from his music show - Mike's narrative provides an insight into the shared experiences of these two iconic recording artists - not just in their music - but through their truth-is-stranger-than-fiction personal lives.

What they say...

‘Saw you at the U3A in Buckingham this week. Absolutely brilliant. Everyone is talking about it. I have checked your web site to see if your show is on anywhere near here in the coming year. I see you have been at the Abbey Theatre in St Albans. Are you going there again? We have friends in St Albans and I know they would love to see it.

(Sheila Dalzell - Buckingham)

'Outstanding...what a story...and I was brought up on classical music.'

(David Frost - Lowestoft U3A, Suffolk)

'The Day The Music Died'

This highly entertaining talk tells the story of Rock ‘n’ Roll ... and covers this explosive music genre’s formative years – with excerpts from influential recordings – as well as specific mention being given to some of the most innovative artists that sang and performed them.

Mike’s narration is accompanied by a digitally displayed presentation – including a number of interesting anecdotes about many of the songs and artists that paved the way for this sensational music phenomenon. So...what was the first Rock 'n' Roll record?

What they say...

'Wow...what nostalgia and memories. Sitting at the back of the hall I could see all the toes tapping.

(Terri Coombs – Speakers Secretary, Battle U3A, East Sussex)